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Lynx advert banned

The ASA have banned 6 lynx adverts after complaints were made that they were demeaning to women, sexually suggestive and innapropriate for public display. read more her

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In response to the adverts being banned, lynx released the following apology…

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More controversial advertising from Benneton

The Vatican says it is taking legal action over the use of an ad showing Pope Benedict kissing a leading imam as part of a Benetton advertising campaign, reports BBC news. The ad, with its doctored image, is part of a global advertising campaign. It consists of photo montages of political and religious leaders kissing each other on the mouth.

Read more of the article from the BBC:

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X Factor ad slot price debate

The X Factor final is the biggest weekend of the year for TV advertising, the nearest thing Britain has to America’s Super Bowl. But with audiences down since last year after the departure of Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole, advertisers, smelling blood, are challenging ITV’s right to demand sky-high rates for next month’s final.

Read more from The Guardian:

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Dakota Fanning Oh, Lola! perfume ad banned

Marc Jacobs fragrance ‘Oh, Lola!’ has had it’s latest advert banned amidst claims the image of the 17-year-old, Dakota Fanning, who is posing with a large bottle of scent with an oversized floral top positioned between her legs sexualized children.

The ASA agreed with complaints and judged that the actress may have been 17 when the ads were shot but she looked younger. The ad has been deemed more kiddie porn than teen chic and so has been banned by the ASA

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Ad selector

Channel 4, YouTube and Microsoft are the first UK publishers to launch trials of an ad format that lets viewers pick which ad they want to watch from multiple brands ahead of video-on-demand content.

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Online advertising ‘overtakes TV’

Growth in online advertising

An extremely interesting article from the BBC,  showing the growth of on-line advertising and the decline in T.V advertising.

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John Lewis ad

‘The long wait’

This great ad has been mentioned in 192,000 Facebook status’s, over 10,000 Tweets and 190 blog posts according to ‘brand republic’ ( But not only has the advert had great success in the UK, it has also been widely shared across Portugal, Spain and Denmark. This advert illustrates the beauty of Christmas in a universal way, playing on all the emotions that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

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